Account-Based Marketing. The biggest buzzword for B2B marketers in recent years. So much has been spoken. So less has been implemented.

The phrase ‘account-based marketing’ was coined over a decade ago, in 2004. The concept itself is simple: engage 1:1 with a focused set of accounts, with the intention of converting them into customers.

Account-based marketing is the marketing strategy for this new decade — the search volume for the phrase “Account-Based Marketing” peaked in 2020, and still averages at about 100K monthly searches, according to Google Trends data.

Google Trends data for Account Based Marketing

There are several advantages to account-based marketing.

  • Higher average contract value

Organizing branded events is like arranging a marriage. The stakes are very high

The pain is real for event marketers.

Engaging an audience in an attention-deficit world is damn hard

How do you build a Netflix-like event so that your audience will binge-watch with popcorn 🍿

How do you position your event as “the go-to event” in midst of the event madness

How do you plan and execute the “right set” of events with conviction?

Are virtual events going to be around?

I have the same questions as a marketer :)

Let's get some answers from Bharath, the events man…

Every founder and marketer wants to make T2D3 strategy, a reality.

It’s hard, but not impossible.

What the hell is T2D3?

Triple, Triple, Double, Double Double you ARR in first 5/6 years.

The best way to make T2D3 happen is to view it in phases.

Phase 1: Getting product-market fit. Double down just 2 key pain points. Make sure you solve it. Not more than 2 key problems.

Phase 2: Get to $2 million in ARR. With the $30K-$80K range, this means getting 30–60 customers. How? Rockstar founder sales. Use personal network like crazy. Get one/two PR campaigns right.


Marketing Strategy is sexy. Everyone wants to do it. Ops is Boring. It’s the real deal.

Happy Marketing Operations Day for the folks who are behind the scenes.

A day to celebrate and give kudos to the most important yet under-recognized role 🎈

Unless you do the right segmentation spending a few hours on the DB tool 🎯
The nice ICP slide is of no use

Unless you cleanse the DB spending days on refinement 🔎
The 20K automation tool is of no use 💰

Unless the marketing dashboards are updated with 100% accuracy 📈
The Monday morning huddle is of…

Here is a framework to find the possible answer.

The old-world of BDR says — “Cold” Email/Call.
Call. Call. Call. Email. Email. Email. Hope for a miracle :)

Quantity trumped quality.

There was a point in time when we had plenty of leads.
But 95% of leads were cold. There was no immediate interest.

In the new world of BDR
Quality trumps quantity

Personalization is a critical success factor for success.
Personalization is about the Right message, channel, and time

BDRs are now more marketers than sales reps
They need hand-holding in terms of content, ICP, campaigns
They will spend more time…

In the past, sales, and marketing teams in a B2B company were acting like runners in a relay race.

Today, if they want to win, they should play the game of football.

In the past,
Marketing’s responsibility was to generate leads
Sales were meant to “close” deals

Marketing-Sales handoff was needed (similar to a relay race)

The game has changed.

Today, your buyers are matured.
They are 10X aware.

They want razor-sharp answers.
They want customized demos, sandboxes, ROI calculators.

To win the intelligent customer,
Sales and Marketing teams have to pass the ball (lead) till a goal is made (a…

Don’t get me wrong. Here are Top reasons for churn, which are not related to Customer Success.

1> It all starts with the wrong ICP
If you have onboarded a bunch of customers who are not you ICP / there is no clear customer-product fit, there are high chances for churn

Action: Let go of wrong / non-ICP customers. It’s better to not have them v/s creating detractors in the market.

2> Secondly, Overselling. If you have oversold a dream and deliver nothing, automatically the customer will churn.

Action: Land an account with a realistic contract value and expand as…

Popular Opinion: Every sales/marketing person in SaaS wants a meeting with CXO. Fair enough.

Reality: Managers/Influencers have equal power compared to CXOs

The reality is CXOs ask managers to scout for potential solutions

Managers typically use the product.

They know what is the need of the hour.

If you bypass managers, sometimes things don’t work.

I vividly remember cases where CXOs mentioned “Talk to my subordinate”. I am ok only if he/she vets the solution.

How do you balance the power centers?

Step 1) Draw the full buying center / all the personas
a) Buyer/decision-maker: Who owns the budget and who…

We spend 95% of the time on campaigns
and less than 5% of the time on the landing page.

How do we build a high-converting landing page?

Anatomy of a best-performing landing page (Example: Modified version of home page)

You have less than 3 seconds to connect with the audience.

The most important thing is the headline.
Focus on just one thing “What problem will you solve and with what”

Let’s say you sell a marketing automation software
The headline can be “Get 2X more leads with 1:1 emails”

The next section is all about “show me the proof”
Flash the top 5 logos of your customers. …

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Hope everyone is doing well! Sharing 3 powerful stories for the week.

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